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Our Newest Addition:

Recently we have teamed up with AT&T and their It Can Wait Awareness Campaign against texting while driving. We have created awareness kits to give out to the  driver’s education programs in the local high schools.   The kits includes the following

-         A  fact sheet about texting while driving

-          A pledge to not text and drive that both parents and their children to  sign

-          Don’t Text and Drive Awareness Bracelet

-          Argyle Auto Service Key Chain

-          Don’t Text On Bored AT&T Sticker

-          Argyle Auto Service Pen.

-          Information Sheet  to help parents and children take the proper steps to become proactive towards this epidemic

Texting while driving has become a serious problem and more  needs to be done to help stop it. Here at Argyle Auto Service, we feel more emphasis needs to be put on these dangers of texting and distracted driving. We hope you will check out our Community section to find out what you can do to help stop texting while driving.

Remember It Can Wait.

Largest Lift In Babylon Village

We just purchased a new lift for our shop. It is a Bendpak 14,000 lb alignment life with two rolling hydraulic air jacks for total vehicle servicing. We can now lift any vehicle without having to struggle or roll around in the parking lot. It can lift full size, dually pick – ups, extended cab pick-ups, supers duties, & super crew cabs with ease.







Owner/Operator/Mechanic, Joe Jones has been repairing cars for over 30 years working in all areas of auto repair during his career. Joe was brought into this business as a young man in a family owned neighborhood gas station, and has strived to own a place just like that. The goal here is to know our customers and help our neighbors. Honesty always comes first. We keep our shop spotlessly clean to protect your investment. 

Joe has grown with the computer controlled cars since they started in the 80′s. As a young man Joe worked for many years at an Alignment/ Suspension shop. He has studied extensively in electronics and engine performance at numerous factory schools and system manufacturers such as Nissan, Toyota, GM, Ford and Chrysler. He has acquired extensive knowledge about Bosch fuel injectors, standard ignition, Moog suspension, MAC Air conditioner, Bendix Brakes, & ABS systems. He is an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician. Federally licensed in A/C and refrigerant handling. He currently holds every inspection license that New York State offers. Our technicians are factory trained and fully licensed.

Joe stays on top of the industry with constant training, purchasing the latest tools, and constant upgrading of our equipment to serve our customers and their cars with up to the date technology. We recently purchased state of the art tire equipment that handles anything that is on the road today from conventional tires to 28″ low profile and run-flats.

We have recently invested in a Bartech Tire Monitor Diagnostic System. This tool is a factory tool that will communicate with every tire sensor on the road today. It is constantly updated to communicate with even the newest models rolling out onto the streets today.

 Bi – annual software updates of the Snap – On Modis computerized engine diagnostic system with dual trace oscilloscope. The Maxidas from Autel is also a new state of the art computerized diagnostic tool that is upgraded via Internet that keeps up with the newer model year vehicles. All this enables us to  pinpoint diagnose your check engine light problem. Not guess or change parts at your expense.

Joe’s love of cars and this industry is what drives him. This is not only what he does for a living, it is his hobby and whole way of life. Joe has built and restored award winning antiques, race, & show cars from a Model T to a Lamborghini. Joe has worked on them all. We are very involved with the local community, and committed to honest and excellent work. We try our best to be your one stop car care center.



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